Austin Haberkam

Austin is SharKarma’s Lead Guitarist/Vocalist who literally grew up watching his dad, Mark, perform on stage from a young toddler.


Austin later became Cryin’ Out Loud’s original Lead Guitarist/Co Lead Vocalist as a young teen instructed by JB Jim Bowley  (Many may know JB from Remains of the Radio). Later Austin hit the rock circuit with his father, Mark Haberkam, to form the group “The Karma Sharkz”. Along the way he met many local, talented musicians who have been an inspiration and some whom he has felt fortunate to have hit the rock circuit with sharing the stage. 


Some of Austin's influences are Green Day, STP, Nirvana, AC/DC, and Creed. As a Towson University (TUNE, Northeast) Business graduate he now has a full-time career along with incorporating his love for continuing his dream on the road with his father, Mark, and fellow musician & friend Chris Cockey. He looks forward to the many shows to come with the new band “SharKarma”. In Austin’s own words “If everyday life was as simple as playing rock n’ roll I would want to live here on earth eternally".

SharKarma’s Bassist/Vocalist, Chris Cockey, is a veteran musician whose passion for music began some 30 years ago. Chris formerly performed with the bands Route 40, Meere Kat Nation, Natures Child, and Dodson Creek.


His interest in music began with jazz music and has transitioned to primarily rock n’ roll  from the 60’s to current material along with a bit of passion for country music.


We feel very fortunate to have such a talented, dedicated Bass player who is an invaluable team player.  SharKarma looks forward to the many shows on  the road with Chris!

   Chris Cockey

Mark is SharKarma's Drummer/Vocalist. He has been performing for some 30 years. His passion for drums and singing forced him to make an executive decision; ultimately deciding to do both.  He has been in numerous local bands over the years to include Spring Fever, Rumors, 3rd World, Against The Grain, and The Karma Sharkz. 

Mark has been performing out live with his son, Austin, for nearly 7 years.  He considers himself very fortunate and proud to share the stage with Austin and also fellow musician/friend Chris Cockey. 

SharKarma is a 3 piece power trio and that means we've all got to be on our game at all times, so let's get this show on the road!

Mark Haberkam